Kızılay Biomedical

Kızılay Biomedical

Kızılay Biomedical

Turkish Red Crescent, assigned to meet the blood need of Turkey, fullfills 90% of Turkey's blood demand and imports 3 million blood bags annually for safe blood supply. Kızılay Biomedical will make an investment to respond to the blood bag needs of Kızılay Blood Services in the first phase. As a result of this investment, 3 million sets will be produced annually on 21.000 m² in Çatalca with 237 personnel. In the second phase, it is aimed to increase the capacity and produce for export markets.


What Does Kızılay Biomedical Do?

- Develops bag systems to best store blood components

- Builds blood-based business models with the Red Crescent or Red Cross around the world

- Executes/supports blood-based R&D studies              

- Supports local production by preventing imports

- Reaches wide export markets

- Runs to a common goal with all potential stakeholders in the medical sector

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