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How is Kızılay Investment related to Kızılay?

Kızılay Investment engages in ‘social impact investment’ to sustain the resources of Kızılay to be used in humanitarian aid efforts and works to address Kızılay's needs.

Kızılay Investment is 100% owned by Kızılay. Kızılay Investment transfers all of its earnings to Kızılay.

Is Kızılay Investment a public institution or an association?

Kızılay Investment is neither an association nor a public institution; it is a private company that is 100% owned by Kızılay Association.

Does Kızılay Investment plan on pursuing other areas of activity?

Kızılay Investment is going to continue expanding in various areas where it sees potential, as long as they align with the mission of Kızılay.

Does Kızılay Investment have offices abroad?

Kızılay Investment is in preparation of opening offices in various locations abroad, as required by the growth opportunities.

Where is the headquarters of Kızılay Investment?

The headquarters of Kızılay Investment is located in Vezneciler, İstanbul. It has offices and factories in Ankara, Afyonkarahisar, Erzincan, and Malatya.

What are Kızılay Investment's areas of activity?

Kızılay Investment operates in beverages, health, care, real estate & investment, culture & arts, accommodation systems, textiles and logistics industries.

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